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How to choose premium quality t shirts? – Fashion Blog


Unleashed Premium ensures that every t-shirt is 100% cotton and goes through extensive quality checks. T shirt fabric has a major impact on the environment and the quality of the clothing. Everyone wants top quality, the best quality fabric, and long-lasting comfort. Material selection can be a bit tough for the buyers, which is why there is no exact answer for the buyers about what their clothing should be create from. Buyer should take a short time to look at the fibers and be aware about pros and cons of the fibers for the environment and their personal comfort.

How to choose premium quality t shirts? - Fashion Blog
White Cotton T-Shirt

Pros of Cotton T Shirts

Is a natural material
Is a renewable resource
Is breathable
Is great for sensitive skin
Is extremely soft
Doesn’t require chemicals

Why cotton is the most acceptable fabric used worldwide?

How to choose premium quality t shirts? - Fashion Blog
How to choose premium quality t shirts? - Fashion Blog 11

It is prominent that 50% of all fabric manufacture in the world is cotton. If you have ever think about why cotton is so popular, here are few reasons why.

Cotton has been used for thousands of years to give clothing for a lot of purposes. Turn out by taking the flower of cotton plants, the natural fiber is put through a machine to divide the usable lint from the seed. The end product is a fit material appropriate for manufacturing clothes. Strong and flexible, there are various reasons why cotton is so well liked for clothing fabric and why it is Unleashed Premium’s number one choice for custom clothing and custom printing.

Cotton is a breathable fabric that suck up heat and sweating from your body and allows it to pass via fabric to the air outside. That means that cotton custom t-shirts will keep you cool and comfortable during whole day. Cotton can retain approximately 23-26 times its weight in water. What’s more, 100% cotton is a soft fabric that doesn’t annoy the skin, and because it’s thicker than other fabrics, it feels expensive.

One of the reasons clothing companies favour cotton for designing t shirts is that it’s a tough and durable fabric. If you and your team are working extended hours in an exhaustive job like in a factory, professional kitchen or a host of manual roles, your clothing needs to be immune to wear and tear.

Wash and Wear
The molecular structure of cotton means that instead of becoming fragile when wet, it actually gets tough. Unlike other fabrics like wool, this means cotton t shirts can be washed many time and time again without the fabric or shape of t shirts being damaged. Unlike other fabrics like wool, this means our custom work clothes including t shirt, hoodies, joggers and crewneck shirts can be washed many time without the fabric or shape being vandalize. Good manufacturers generally separate stronger mature cotton from the weaker immature cotton, meaning that your t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are as strong as they come.

Because cotton is tolerant to high temperatures, it can be ironed without losing its great appearance and quality.

Good cotton clothing manufacturers separate stronger mature cotton from the weaker immature cotton, ensuring that your t-shirts, crewneck, sweatshirts and joggers are strong and durable.

Custom Printing
Cotton is a long lasting fabric and provides a very good screen printing surface, making it the favourable fabric of many apparel companies. Because cotton is a thick fabric, it absorbs ink better than other fabrics. This gives cotton t-shirts a premium quality print, ensuring the print on your custom t shirts looks clearer and acute.

How to choose premium quality t shirts? - Fashion Blog

Bleeding – It’s a printing that goes that goes beyond the edge and it is less of an issue with cotton which directly means print on cotton t shirt would be strong.

Environmentally Friendly
No big scale fabric production is totally environment friendly but cotton production comes very friendly. Cotton is a renewable source as the plant regrows and can be planted again. Organic cotton is becoming increasingly common which means that pesticides and harmful chemicals are not used on the cotton plants. Unleashed Premium has a variety of organic cotton t-shirts such as the Anime, Japanese, Dragon Ball Z and Alien Crew Neck t-shirts.

Cotton plant that is used to make cotton custom t-shirts are well preserved. There is no wonder why cotton is so popular. This powerful, flexible and comfortable fabric is ideal for your printed graphic t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirt and joggers.


How to choose premium quality t shirts? - Fashion Blog
How to choose premium quality t shirts? - Fashion Blog 12

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